How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight Every Time?

How to drive a golf ball straight? Step by step

how to drive a golf ball straight

This is the most important thing in a game of golf. If the ball is placed on the tee properly, then there are high chances that you will get the ball driven in a straight line.

The most important trick here is to keep the tee as high from the ground as possible. If the tee is kept at a higher range from the ground, then, of course, the ball also sits high and when you slice the ball, it drives at a straight line.

Of course, for this, you need to have a good positioning and a good backswing did, but in a maximum of the cases, it is the placing of the ball on the tee that provides you the maximum result in this case.


Now before the ball has been placed on the tee, it is also important to position the tee carefully. It is always advised to position the tee in such a way that it remains aligned to your left leg.

When you stand to keep your toes closed, the ball should be in front of you, and in between your toes, aligned with your left leg foot. This allows you position well later on when you will be taking a position for backswing.

This position will also help you in returning back to the downswing and then hit the ball with the driver in such way that it gets driven in a straight line.


The most important thing to do after positioning is to take a position for the backswing. Here you should take a wide stance. Keep your left leg as it is aligned with the ball and spread out your right leg comfortably at a wide stance.

Make sure that you right leg should be out from alignment of your right shoulder. The more is the distance in between your legs, more will you be able to exert power and pressure, while driving the ball. Of course, this does not mean that you will stand at an uncomfortable position, keep it somewhere in the middle.


Next, comes another important point to take care of. This is the gripping of the club. You are already holding it with your left hand while standing. Now it comes to hold it with your right hand. Here comes the trick.

Be in the same position as you were in and then slowly bring your hand to the club. If you keeping the position to be the same, then your right hand will naturally come beyond the left hand.

This is the correct grip that you are having and you need to hold on to this to continue with the next step.


Now you are ready for the backswing with proper positioning. To get the backswing done, done put your entire pressure on your right leg and move your body to towards right. Keep your eye on the ball but do not bend too much on it. Stay beyond the ball and slowly move to your right with your driver high up.

In this situation, your right hand will bend the wrist and the left hand will stay straight. Backswing just that much that is comfortable for your right wrist to get folded.


Time for Downswing

After you have taken the backswing, now it is the time to come down to downswing. Now here is another trick that you should use. You need to put pressure on the knee of your left leg pulling your entire body towards the ball. First will come to the left waist, then the right waist, then the right shoulder and hence ultimately your hands with the driver.

In a similar way, the driver will come down in the downswing and this is the time to hit the ball to drive it in the straight line.


Hitting the ball is the next step after downswing. Though in many cases this is reflex and fast action, but with practice, you will be able to control this also. You need to make sure that you are hitting the ball from beneath and also at the middle of the ball.

This is the reason the ball has been placed high above the ground so that you can hit it from the beneath. Strike the driver club head exactly at the center of the ball and this will drive the golf and if the hit is correct then, it will go straight.

There are many cases when the players are able to feel that how much pressure they have put in the striking and also about how far the ball has gone and whether it has gone straight or not. This is known by the vibration that takes place in the shaft of the driver while hitting the ball after the swing.

Normally, such vibrations are high in cases of materials such as steel and professionals always are confident about their shot because they are able to understand about their performance feeling these vibrations.


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