What Is The Square To Square Golf Swing?

The square to square golf swing is one of the latest and most popular golf swings. There are many ways in which you can benefit from this swing technique. But before you do that, you must know the fundamentals of the golf swing. This will teach you how to make the most of it.

The method of the square to square swing was brought into existence by late golfers, Dick Aultman and Jim Flick. It’s because of these two golfers that the method gained some appreciation in its initial stages. So let’s learn more about what this approach actually is and how to benefit from it.


What is the square to square golf swing?

The basic foundation of the square to square swing technique is to close or square out the clubface. You should do this for as long as you can during the backswing as well as the follow through. Many golfers can square out the clubface half the way in the backswing and half the way in the follow through.


The square to square swing method came into existence in the late 60s and gained some appreciation in the early 70s. But it didn’t achieve the popularity it has now back then.

Instead, the technique soon went out of style because it resulted in being on the extreme left side of the standard scale. The method made it difficult for golfers to master the swing movement.

But the square to square golf swing that is so popular today is different than the technique introduced in the 70s by Jim Flick. Many professional golfers have essential elements of the method of square to square swing still lounging in their tool boxes. And it’s because of this reason only that the technique has currently achieved popularity.

Square to Square Swing

 Benefits of the square to square swing method

Does square to square golf work? You must be wondering, right? So let me tell you that it does work. And here’s how!

  • The square to square swing method reduces your dependency on timing. And this is because your golf club remains square for a longer time.
  • The technique increases consistency. Since the moving parts are minimized, consistency rises.
  • Performing the square to square swing is much easier for golfers of all skill levels.
  • Since the club remains square on the target for a longer time, your likelihood of achieving a square hit increase.

How to Keep Your Clubface Square In Your Golf Swing?

How is the square to square swing different from the modern swing?

When you’re doing the modern swing, the toe of your golf club points straight up. You know that, right? This is during the halfway back movement. But in the square to square swing, the toe of your golf club should be a little more closed.

This is because your wrists don’t rotate open quickly. So up to this point, all that you’re doing is turning your shoulders.

When there is minimized wrist rotation, the moving parts are also less. And this helps in achieving more shot consistency. The square to square swing technique doesn’t require too much practice. You can quickly master the swing movement. This is possible only because you will be less dependent on achieving perfect timing.

Another noticeable difference is in the backswing movement. So does square to square golf work for the backswing? The answer is an astounding yes. The method creates minimum to zero lateral slides during the backswing movement. And how? It keeps your spine and head at the top of the golf ball. And they remain in that position till you reach your downswing.

Once you’re able to achieve this, the next time will be even easier and more consistent. Thanks to the less moving parts. So does square to square golf work? Is the method useful?

It does work, and it is effective only if you are a golfer with the simplest golf swing and few moving parts. All you need to remember is to have less wrist rotation.

While the wrist rotation needs to be minimal, you should still be able to cock your wrist completely. And this must be done when you’re at the top of your backswing. So before you reach your downswing, your right elbow must be positioned at a 90-degree angle.


Key elements of the square to square golf swing method

  • It is important to keep the golf club more square out till at least half the way in the backswing and half the way in the follow through. This enables your body to turn to guide the clubface on its own.

As far as the clubhead is concerned, it stays square from your knee level during the downswing till after the impact point. The square to square golf swing gives you the opportunity to maintain the on-line position of your golf ball. It keeps the ball in line with your target by improving your follow through aspect of the swing.

  •  The impact position of your downswing is adjusted. What this means is that your weight falls to the left, you have a flat left wrist, and your hands are placed four inches from the golf ball.

Such a position enables you to produce a simple backswing. It also helps in narrowing your swing down till just the shoulder turn. You can achieve maximum consistency with such a technique.

Over to you!

You should know that the modern swing poses a potential risk of injury to an average golfer. So if you have some pre-existing physical restrictions, then the statistics will be in your favor when you’re performing the modern swing. And this increases the chances of injury.

Since your body is physically forced to carry out a biomechanically unfavorable movement, you might end up injuring some muscles.

But this is not the case with the square to square golf swing. The technique doesn’t stress on the full swing. Instead, it requires you to make a 3/4th turn. And this exposes your body to less injury-related forces.

So the square to square swing method is not only efficient but also safe. The game of golf is gaining popularity in our world today. And this means that there will be more golf injuries to deal with, right? So the use of such a concept ensures that golf injuries don’t increase. We only want the appreciation and popularity of golf to increase, nothing else.

I hope you found what you were looking for in the article. I tried to explain the technique in the simplest manner. So I hope you liked the content.

Is there anything else that you would like to add here? What method do you adopt for your golf swing?

Please feel free to share with us your wonderful golfing experiences.


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